the convergence of form and function

About Logicurio

Our name is derived from the combination of two words...Logic comes from working with data and programming methods in the course of information technology...Curio refers to a strange and interesting object which evokes curiosity, or a work of art.

Logicurio represents an intersection of science and art where formal logic is represented as an creative expression.

There is an elegance to the approach of "Less is More" when applied to software development while at the same time fulfilling the requirements of a given challenge.

Practicality, Economy and Creativity are the fundamental foundations we build our work around.

Practicality: does it work? Work well, and without needless confusion. Pragmatism is a highly sought after virtue.

Economy: does is accomplish it's intended task in the best way possible? This goal not only saves monetarily, but also addresses concerns such as scalability and readability.

Creativity: is it aesthetically appealing? Often overlooked, but can apply not only to end user interface, but also programming practices and methodology.

Our products and services reflect this mission by providing well thought out, elegant and easy to operate, especially where the task required may be a complex one. Our logo is a representation of this philosophy. It may look like a three leaf clover, but is in fact a stylized a tri-fold möbius strip.

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